Getting back into the swing of things!


We are back to posting after a few months absence. While we have been partnering with the Queer Night Out Waterloo Region MeetUp group and have been regularly hosting our monthly events, maintaining three sites (the website, Facebook, and MeetUp sites) has proven more challenging than initially thought! We will try to do better moving forward!

Note that we are also returning to basics - with the revival of our coming-out support group! We have had a number of people request that we revive the group, but to host them on a weekend. We are partnering with the Queer Night Out Waterloo Region MeetUp group to trial a Coming Out to Breakfast group on the 4th Sunday of each month. Check out the Events listing for all of the details.

Indigeneity, Ability, Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality: Doing Intersectionality to Create More Inclusive Rainbow Community

Just a reminder about our very important Community Dialogue group this week, guest facilitated by Ruth Cameron, Executive Director at ACCKWA.

The role that intersecting identities can play in an individual's experience with the Rainbow/Queer community is a topic that does not receive enough attention in our local community.

We hope you can join us for this very important conversation - starting at 7:15 PM this Wednesday. Click here for more information.